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   Pads & Scrapers

Our Pads, Scrapers & Brushes

Keep your surfaces clean and bright, by using our high quality Pads, Scrapers, & Brushes, for almost any need around your restaurant, country club, or hotel. To enhance the use of these items, use our full line of cleaning chemicals, to keep your entire business looking, feeling, and smelling great. Give us a call to talk about your individual needs.

Pads & Scrapers

Heavy Duty Green Pad

Thick, nylon blend construction. These pads are rugged yet flexible. (6" X 9")

10 Pack
Stainless Steel Rnd. Metal Scrubber

These tough scrubbers clean tough jobs with ease.

12 Pack
Grill Screen System

Handle-use with grill pad & screen. Screen provides tough abrasive action eliminates burnt-on foods., while the pad absorbs grease from the screen.

Pads 10 Pack | Screen 8 Pack
Reddi Grill Scraper

Clean your grill with this premium scraper.

Quantity: 1


Scraper with 4” Blade

12” overall with rubber hand grip.

Quantity: 1


Broiler King Brush with Long Handle

This long handle brush works great, and helps you get at those tough to reach places.

Quantity: 1
Broiler Brush with 30” Handle

This broiler cleaning brush provides easy access to hard-to-reach spaces, while strong, two-sided stainless steel bristles powerfully scrub away grease and grime.

Quantity: 1
Flat-wire Brush with Scraper

Brush with heavy duty wire bristles and metal scraper on the back of the brush head that works great on grills.

Quantity: 1
Pizza Oven Brush

This durable brush head features brass wire bristles and a metal scraper, ensuring a long product life of vigorous cleaning! (No Handle)

Quantity: 1


40” Wooden Handle For Pizza Brush

Use this handy tool to clean heavy grease carbon deposits, remove rust from cooking areas, and keep residual burnt material from getting into fresh foods.

Quantity: 1
12” Short Handle Brush with Scraper

A great general purpose, short-handle scraper.

Quantity: 1
18” Long Handle Brush with Scraper

Long, narrow profile handles of wood, plastic or wire; make getting into and cleaning up tough, hard-to-reach places quicker and easier.

Quantity: 1