Housekeeping Program

Super Source provides a comprehensive housekeeping program, providing you with the necessary tools and support to get, and keep, your establishment looking good, feeling good, and smelling good. Whether you manage a hotel, resort, country club or restaurant, we understand your customers demand a clean and safe environment. Our full line of housekeeping, laundry, air freshening and disinfecting products will make it easier and more cost-effective to keep all your varied surfaces clean, from bed to bath, walls to windows, and all types of flooring... we have it all.

Our Housekeeping Program not only provides you with great Super Source products, but also a wealth of industry leading knowledge from professionals that truly care. The program provides regular "Check in" and "Consult" with the Rooms Director and/or Executive Housekeeper, to address any cleaning and sanitation issues between SuperSource service visits. In these visits, we'll also obtain information on new employees, identifying individuals that may need cleaning and sanitation training.

Our Housekeeping Program Provides the Following Services:

  1. Facility Inspection
    • Bathrooms (Tubs/Showers, Fixtures, Vanities & Mirrors)
    • Guest Room Areas (Floors & Carpets, Windows, Desks, Fridges, & Other Hard Surfaces)
    • Public Areas (Carpets, Floors, Air freshening, Hard Surfaces, Mirrors, Glass, Restrooms and Hand Washing).
  2. Dispensing Inspection: Inspect and adjust all Super Source dispensing units, and recommend procedures for employee and guest safety.
  3. Linen Inspection: Inspect and report findings on collection and delivery, stain identification, and more.
  4. Cart Inspection: Inspect, report and recommend procedural changes and/or training to maintain and improve safety, streamline and improve efficiency, and meet productivity goals.
  5. Employee Training: To ensure proper product dispensing and safe use, for both your employees and guests.

Our Housekeeping Professionals Deliver the Following Products:

  • General Cleaners
  • Bath, Tub, Toilet, & Tile Disinfecting Cleaners
  • Floor & Carpet Cleaners
  • Comprehensive Laundry Program
  • Glass & Hard Surface Cleaners
  • Effective Air & Fabric Fresheners;
  • Employee Training; to ensure proper product dispensing and safe use, for both your employees and guests.

We Are Responsive

Super Source is committed to prompt, effective on-site service including:

  1. Weekly pro-active, preventative maintenance visits or as needed (no charge for service)
  2. On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (no extra charge for this service)
  3. 2-hour initial response time for service calls (phone or visit)
  4. 100% issue resolution!

Already Have a Housekeeping Program?

5 StepsAllow Super Source the opportunity to discuss how we can save you both time and money, provide you peace of mind, and provide better customer service, over what you are receiving today. We're a company of industry professionals, who honestly cares about you and your business. We'll listen to you, discuss your individual housekeeping needs and challenges, and then develop a comprehensive "Housekeeping Program" designed specifically for you. Our industry professionals know the challenges you face everyday, keeping a clean and safe environment, and would like to be your hospitality, institutional, hotel & lodging "Hospitality" partner.

Hear From A Valued Hotel Client

If you're not yet convinced that we are "The Better Housekeeping Solution", take a look what Hotel Indigo Executive Laundry and Housekeeping Manager Stella Gibrill, a valued client, says about our program!

“Prior to Super Source, we were challenged with getting laundry results and consistently keeping our rooms to standard. Since we’ve partnered with Super Source we are extremely pleased with the results, and the ability to lower costs. Their attentive service, focus on results, quality products, and commitment to staff training have improved greatly. Super Source has helped make life easier for me, our staff, and helped improve our customer’s experience.”
- Stella Gibrill
Executive Laundry and Housekeeping Manager
Hotel Indigo Vinings :: Valor Hotels

A Clean Environment Improves Guest Happiness...& Increases Profits

Not only can we save you time and money on your high quality products and services, our attention to detail can improve your profits. Guests look for clean, fresh rooms, and spotless bathrooms, the top two attributes they look at when they stay on your property. The cost of re-cleaning a room, and/or comping a room, can add up fast... not to mention the cost of loosing a valued customer in a competitive market. Our Effective Products, Proper Training and Knowledgeable Staff will ensure your customers come back again and again.

Find Out More

To find out more about the Super Source Housekeeping Program, call a location near you or email us at .

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